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It is our privilege to invite you to participate in the 1619 National Celebration of Black Women. 


Your support will bring unity across the country in commemoration of this historic day, and will show Black women and girls that a new day is on the horizon, and the continued path of greatness paved by their ancestors is boundless.

How you can support the celebration of Black Women, March 2nd:

  • As an organization, plan a community event in honor of Black women (i.e. a march, luncheon, intimate discussion, etc.,) and encourage your affiliates/chapters/membership to take part in the celebration.

  • Coordinate a celebration of Black women at your place of worship.

  • As an Educational Institution (schools, colleges, HBCU’s, etc.) educate and celebrate the accomplishments of Black women with your students.

  • For mass communication (i.e. broadcasting, publishing, and online personalities) broadcast extraordinary stories of Black women or facilitate a livestream discussion.

  • If you have a strong social media presence, post about the 1619NCBW, share a video on how Black women have influenced you. 

  • Volunteer 

  • Help to speed the word 

  • Donate

For your participation, we will list you or your organization on our website, and/or link your website, social media page, and/or location meet-up to the national database for women to find and participate in your event, as well as celebrate your involvement on one of our social media sites.

Thank you for joining the celebration! 

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