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Sheryl Mallory-Johnson is the Founder of 1619NCBW and serves as CEO/Executive Chair of the Board. Her purpose-driven vision is honoring the legacy, resilience, and courage of women who are of paramount importance to the 400th year commemoration since the first Africans arrived at the shore of Jamestown, Virginia.

As a Master of Social Work, Sheryl has protected children from harm and abuse, reunified broken families, advocated for the homeless, worked with the mentally ill, and marginalized populations, and counseled youth and adults of all ages. Founded by her husband, Rudolph A. Johnson III, Sheryl Co-Founded Pros & Coaches Anti-Drug Campaign, a non-profit organization that promoted drug and alcohol awareness, and academic excellence among youth in athletics in San Diego, California for ten years. Sheryl also led the Summer Lunch Program expansion to provide over 6,000 nutritious meals daily to underserved communities throughout San Diego County, assisting with operational oversight for five years.  

As an Adjunct Professor of Humanities, Sheryl teaches on the subjects of women's issues, race, culture, religion, diversity, social change, to name a few.  

Sheryl Mallory-Johnson is also a Novelist. She writes heartfelt women's fiction about the human experience.   


Catrina Johnson-Green serves as the Interim Vice-Chair for 1619NCBW, and organized the City of Rialto celebration. She is currently the Executive Director for the Center For Effective Life Transitions, a non-profit community-based Counseling Center located in Rialto, CA. Prior to her appointment as the Executive Director for this agency, Catrina served, for the past 10 years and the Director and co-founder of Solutions Educational Enrichment Center located in the City of Rialto, this agency’s mission was dedicated to serving at-risk youth and families in the Inland Empire. In addition, Catrina has over 20 years of experience as a Counselor-Educator and has served on numerous boards and committees working tirelessly to create programs and services designed to improve the outcomes of at-risk youth and families in the Inland Empire.

Ms. Johnson-Green has earned a BS in Business, possesses a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Psychology, is a Licensed Clinician, and currently works as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. Catrina has dedicated her life to helping people improve their outcomes and learn not to “Take Things Personal but to realize that this too “is meant to change you”. 


Julia Morris serves as Secretary for1619NCBW, as well as on the outreach committee. She was born in Calhoun, Georgia, and graduated from San Diego State University in San Diego, CA with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work.  Julia has more than 25 years of experience empowering youth, parents, dependent adults and older adults, and has served on committees such as Qualification Evaluation Committee (QEC), SDSU’s Advisory Committee, School Attendance Review Board (SARB), the Southern Indian Health Council (SIHC), and East County Domestic Violence Committee.


Julia has been a frequent guest speaker at the V&B Bible Institute’s Annual Conference in Dallas, Texas.  She developed a curriculum “Habits of Character: The Nature of Vice and Virtue” that is biblically-based.  Julia teaches this curriculum to girls ages 10 to 17.


Ms. Morris enjoys traveling and has traveled throughout the Caribbean, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Brazil, Spain, Greece, Italy, Argentina, Uruguay, Croatia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.  Julia Morris lives in San Diego CA.



Jennifer Cunningham is a San Diego native, Entrepreneur, and Mother of two children. She is passionate about helping African-American youth build their confidence through beauty and style tips. Before joining the 1619NCBW Board as Treasurer, Jennifer served as the social media promoter, as well as assisted with social media and marketing.   



Jacquelyn Sherman-Rustin is a Co-Founder and served as Event Chair of the Inaugural 1619NCBW. She has guided over 900 young people through the challenging years of high school to become professional, ethical, compassionate young adults. Her stewardship of the prestigious Aaron Price Fellows Program (APF) creates a legacy of youth development that will have a positive impact for generations. Sherman-Rustin served as Executive Director of APF for 20 years. 

Before her position with APF, she worked for approximately ten years behind the scenes of various local officials. She served as council representative for former 4th District Councilman William Jones and served as policy analysis for former San Diego County Supervisor Susan Golding, and Director of Community Outreach for former San Diego Mayor Susan Golding.


After retiring from APF, Sherman-Rustin accepted a job with Neighborhood House Association, first as the Director of Community Affairs and later as the Director of Development. 


Alyce M. Pipkin-Allen serves the Local Outreach Chair and Fund Development Chair for the 1619NCBW. Alyce was born in Mississippi, raised in San Diego and has been civically engaged in public service and grassroots nonprofits advocating for the advancement of women, students and low-income communities of color, particularly Black communities for the majority of her adult life.  

Alyce began her activism in community nonprofits Neighborhood House Association, Black Federation and Mexican-American Opportunity Foundation performing and managing workforce development activities.  She later joined the County of San Diego’s Human Resources Department retiring as a Human Resources Professional.  Since her retirement, Alyce has focused on grassroots lobbying, advocacy, and activism as Vice-Chair of the Black American Political Association of California, San Diego Chapter (BAPACSD) and other nonprofits and Giving Circles.  

She ran for office in 2016 and since that time has dedicated herself to educating and informing people of color about the importance of registering and voting in Primary and General elections. She is the mother of two sons, grandmother of five, a great-grandmother of one, and a family member to many.


Alice Kennedy is a Co-founder and oversees Marketing/Promotions of the 1619NCBW. Enjoying a lengthy career in public service and executive leadership, Ms. Kennedy’s experience includes organizational planning and operational management. She has led and provided oversight of several media, public awareness, and recruitment campaigns focused on child abuse prevention, foster care and adoption. Ms. Kennedy is also an independent consultant and executive trainer.


A servant leader, Ms. Kennedy has a heart for volunteerism and missions. She has supported and coordinated numerous outreach efforts to uplift disadvantaged groups, locally and abroad. Ms. Kennedy established Disaster Relief efforts for displaced families of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita; including facilitating more than $30,000 of monetary support to families across the country. During the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, Ms. Kennedy partnered with a local non-profit and pursued grant funding to launch Prevention from the Pulpit, an HIV Awareness Campaign for African American Churches in San Diego, CA. Her most meaningful act of service was supporting short term missions, including teaching and providing counsel in the schools and squatter camps within the Paarl Valley of South Africa.


Ms. Kennedy is humbled by the opportunity to share her gifts and talents to support this National Celebration of Black Women, a long-awaited moment in history to celebrate the collective dreams and accomplishments of black women everywhere!


Cynthia Keeve is a Co-Founder of 1619NCBW. A public servant for 30 years, she retired as a Paralegal Analyst. She is a current Ambassador for AARP and educates the aging community on healthcare, wellness, fraud prevention, and caregiving in San Diego. As a member of New Life Baptist Church and a certified spiritual counselor, she facilitates spiritual growth classes as a part of the Outreach Ministry. Through her work as a member at large for the 1619 National Celebration of Black Women, she empowers Black women and young girls to know their history and celebrate their excellent contributions to American culture.

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