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Women's History Month 

MARCH 2, 2020

The Celebration Lives On...


400 YEARS  



On March 2nd, 2019, 400 years after the first African captives arrived in England North American in the year 1619, one full day, across the nation, was devoted to recognizing the extraordinary contributions women of African descent have made in building America. The 1619 National Celebration of Black Women, Inc is proud to have spearheaded the movement in honor of Black women's extraordinary contributions in building America. 

This March 2nd, 2020, we invite you to, once again, join in honoring and celebrating Black women during Women's History Month.

Founded in San Diego, California, the 1619 National Celebration of BLACK WOMEN, Inc. arose out of a necessity to recognize women in American history who emerged from slavery, defied the odds and came out victorious; women whose name and face may not be known, but who gave tirelessly of her body, her life, her labor, her genius, and her offspring to help build the most powerful nation in the world.

We firmly believe to know our historical worth is of far greater value than to know our history of oppression. 100 years from now, we envision an America where every Black woman and girl can proudly say "I AM 1619!"


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To celebrate 400 years of extraordinary contributions women of African descent have made in building this great nation of these United States of America.



Educating and uplifting black women and girls by honoring the historical contributions of their ancestors, and inspiring them to walk in their power. 




We need help from people like you!

If you or your organization/company can make a monetary or in-kind contribution in celebration of extraordinary women in American history, your contribution will go a long way toward uplifting and educating Black women and girls about their extraordinary ancestry.

  • To donate today using a credit card, click the "Donate" button to access our secure online account.

  • To become a sponsor, click the "Sponsorship Opportunities" button to view our sponsorship levels. 

  • To arrange another method of donating, or to make a non-monetary donation, please email us at 1619NCBW@gmail.com. 

You can also mail donations to P.O. Box 212471, Chula Vista, CA 91921. 

Thank you for your support! No amount gifted is too small or too large and is greatly appreciated. 


We are a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Corporation  (TAX ID: 83-2077029). Your contribution is tax-deductible under IRC section 170.