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Great Ways to Celebrate Black Women 

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From 1619 - To Present


Here Are Great Ways To Celebrate Black Women During Women's History Month:


  • Post about an extraordinary Black women on your social page.

  • Plan a community event honoring black women.

  • Coordinate a celebration at your place of worship. 

  • Establish a small venue to honor the accomplishments of black women  spanning four hundred years (i.e., spoken word, luncheon, etc.)

  • Solicit African-American affiliated organizations to recognize and pay tribute to contributions black women have made to America.

  • Organize a parade/march through your community.

  • Encourage businesses, particularly black-owned businesses, to elevate the 1619 celebration of black women by supporting national and local event(s).

  • Broadcast extraordinary stories of black women by facilitating or joining a podcast, book club, or social media discussion.

  • Educate and celebrate the accomplishment of black women by engaging students in an educational institution (i.e., schools, colleges, HBCU's, etc.).

  • Hold a festive family gathering, celebrating the legacy of black women in your family who have paved your way for generations and those that continue your legacy.



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